6Radiology, or “6R,” is a boutique group of hand-picked teleradiologists. Our mission is to provide a very high level of service to a small number of good clients … for a long period of time. 6Radiology prefers to stay small and personal, and has no intention of growing into a corporate, overly administrative teleradiology group. We want our clients to know our radiologists, and not deal with anonymous reports from unknown providers.

Our boutique nature enables us to easily deliver the reporting style preferred by clients. 6R clients can directly contact the radiologists via cellphone, with no middleman, to deal with all issues large or small, medical or otherwise. 6R exceeds the national standards with respect to Peer Review and Quality Control while delivering reports within the timeframe desired by each client. 6R uses LifeSys from LifeTrack Medical Systems for RIS/PACS.  6R radiologists are largely former military.  Our preferred advertising strategy is word-of-mouth.

Why 6R?

Our clinicians and clients reach us directly.

We answer physician calls and directly deal with issues.

Structured reporting, consistent from one rad to another.

We are an alternative to the large corporate groups providing anonymous radiologists as readers.

Our reports are timely and accurate.

We tailor reports to client needs.